Home Theater

Cinema quality, with the comfort of home.

You set the showtimes, when you enjoy movies in your own home. Whether it’s picking out your theater chairs or constructing an acoustically correct theater room, we are there every step of the way.

With Elite products such as Prima Cinema, Kalidescape, Runco Projectors and a wide variety of displays, you’ll never have to deal with a crowded theater again!

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Where other companies are unable or unwilling to work on something that already has some items previously installed, Binacorp (especially Gary) were willing to come out on short notice and complete the job thoroughly and professionally. Hats off to the crew.

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Theater with Game Bar

Game Rooms

If you’re looking to entertain, this Theater Room is suitable for all ages! Whether you’re watching the world series on the big screen, catching up on the latest golf tournament or playing some poker at the game bar – with multiple screens and iPads you and your guests will never want to leave.