We Place Technology in Harmony with your Lifestyle

We strive to bring our clients the finest and most advanced products in technology for all of your home theater and automation needs. We believe the brand is not just a name, yet an experience. Our full-time staff is qualified to handle and manage any project to fit your needs. We do not utilize sub contractors, all our work is all performed in house, assuring your project will be planned and executed efficiently.


Specialties Include:

  • Dedicated Home Theater Rooms
  • Multi-function Home Theater Rooms
  • Whole-Home Audio Systems
  • Home Automation Systems with Savant
  • Operation Networking and Wiring
  • Commercial Music & Video Systems

Home Automation

The control you want, without the hassle.

Stop fumbling with multiple remotes and changing inputs.  Rid yourself of the visual clutter of viewing components.  Enjoy the ease of using a single wireless device to control your entire home with Savant.

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Whole Home Audio

Set the soundtrack to your life.

Acoustics are just as important as video in a home theater. We specialize in pin pointing a high quality audio solution that is right for you. From basic surround sound to over 36 zones, we’re the experts at ensuring superior audio performance in your home. Most importantly, we are skilled at helping you decide what products work best for you.

Home Theater

Cinema quality, with the comfort of home.

You set the showtimes, when you enjoy movies in your own home. Whether it’s picking out your theater chairs or constructing an acoustically correct home theater, we are there every step of the way.

With Elite products such as Cinematech, Kalidescape, Runco Projectors and a wide variety of displays, you’ll never have to deal with a crowded theater again!

Calzada Del Bosque
Seura Outdoor TV

Outdoor Entertainment

Homeowners are bringing their entertainment space to the great outdoors. Modern Home Systems is proud to offer the best in outdoor entertainment from elite brands such as Sonance and Seura allowing you to have a totally scalable outdoor speaker system that delivers perfectly-even coverage and unbelievable sound quality throughout any sized space. Whether you’re in the process of a complete landscape design or would just like to add outdoor entertainment to your existing space, we will provide an in home consultation to assure the greatest quality for your entertaining needs.