Home Builders


We know that designing for the modern-era home and incorporating new technologies into your designs is no easy task. With changing regulations, new building standards, and clients’ diverse expectations, you have more than enough on your plate.That’s why partnering with a technology integrator, like us, during the design phase will help you to meet your clients’ expectations while making the process easy and avoid time consuming, costly changes later in the process.


We are technology integrators that have worked with renowned architects, builders, award-winning design firms and their clients for over 25 years to define technology needs, and then handle the design and installation of customized smart home technologies. Our services include:

  • Pre-wire
  • Whole home automation and A/V needs
  • Lighting, shades and temperature controls
  • Whole Home Audio
  • Outodoor AV solutions
  • Home network systems
  • Security and access control

Our Process

The project always begins with the discovery process where we listen to your clients needs and desires. We then put our engineering team to work to define all aspects of the project to create a system design. Additional support documentation is created as the Rough and Trim phases commence. With the home interior primed, we begin the concluding phases, order the system gear, and schedule its installation. The final step is to thoroughly train your client in the use of their new system.


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