CEDIA 2017 Review

CEDIA 2017 Review

Cedia 2017 Review

CEDIA 2017 took place in our own backyard this year in beautiful San Diego. If you were unable to join, then take a look at this years highlights to see what you have to look forward too in the coming year of Residential Technology. 



Savant introduces the Multi-STAT, a touch screen multipurpose thermostat as part of the Savant Climate solution. The Savant Multi-STAT is a completely new approach to the residential thermostat, elegantly and discreetly placing control and automation functionality alongside climate settings in easy reach throughout the home.

The Multi-STAT provides homeowners with convenient access to Savant Scenes with a finger swipe of the color touch screen, giving them instant access to numerous automation events in conjunction with climate control such as lighting, entertainment and others. The Multi-STAT’s user interface is identical to the premium glass touch screen found in Savant’s award-winning Pro Remote and will deliver easy and intuitive access to the smart home functionality that simplifies daily life.

In addition to the Multi-STAT Savant also introduced its premium line of shades and their next generation TrueImage lighting software, forever changing the way homeowners interact with their smart home ecosystem. TrueImage uniquely leverages Savant’s patented virtual lighting concepts allowing users to experience virtual lights in any room on their mobile devices. Users can easily change dimming levels and RGB colors simply by tapping the virtual light. TrueImage greatly reduces lighting complexity and takes home automation to a different level. And it’s fun!




Lutron Lighting Control

Lutron Electronics announced an addition to the company’s lighting control systems, called RA2 Select. The new system incorporates select features from Lutron’s RadioRA 2 and Caseta Wireless systems, including Lutron’s Caseta Wireless that provides wireless communication capabilities for each system.

A major difference distinguishing the systems is that RA2 Select is scalable up to 100 devices, and additional components (up to a total of 100 in the system) can be added at any time. Caseta Wireless systems have a limit of only 50 devices, while RadioRA 2 can include up to 200 total devices. The types of devices that can be installed in a RA2 Select system also differs from the other two. RA2 Select products include: a black main repeater, up to four additional wireless repeaters, Maestro-style dimmers and switches, fan controls, new Pico scene keypads, plug-in dimming and appliance modules, Lutron wireless thermostats, and accessories. RadioRA 2 systems can include all of the above plus garage door openers, occupancy sensors, GRAFIK Eye QS, and more.


Steward Filmscreens


Steward FilmscreensNow in its 70th year, Stewart Filmscreen filled its CEDIA booth with eye-catching new screen options, including the Balόn Borderless and Gemini Dual-Roller ElectriScreen.

Stewart’s Gemini Dual-Roller ElectriScreen is designed for multi-use environments. The system’s dual motorized tubes can be loaded with a range of different screen materials, such as the company’s Phantom HALR (high ambient light rejection) for daytime use, and StudioTek 100 for dark-room viewing. The dual-tube design also works for multi-aspect ratio systems that require drop-down mattes. Balόn Borderless and Gemini Dual-Roller ElectriScreen are available now. Prices vary with screen size and material.






Samsung Frame TVThe notion of using flat-panel TVs to display art isn’t new, but Samsung finally took time to think the concept through and do it right. A highlight of the company’s CEDIA booth was its The Frame TVs, a series of 65- and 55-inch (a 43-inch version is forthcoming) HDR-compatible UHDTVs with a striking ability to mimic framed artworks.

While The Frame sets function as normal TVs, selecting an Art Mode switches them to a low-power state with limited light output. You can display your own digital snapshots, and add a custom matte to the edges of the image. You can also choose pictures from the free collection that comes with the TV, or download selections from Samsung’s Art Store at $19.99 a pop. Offerings from The Prado and other famous museums are available, and new options are regularly added. The sets also feature sensors that automatically turn the image on or off when detecting your presence in the room, and they can vary the brightness depending on room lighting conditions. The Frame sets are available now and sell for $2799 (65-inch) and $1199 (55-inch).




Sony 4k Laser ProjectorSony featured a new $25,000 laser-driven, true 4K projector in its demo theater at CEDIA 2017. It looked spectacular with custom footage showing South American natives in traditional, colorful dress, with excellent color, resolution, and detail on a 165-inch diagonal, 16×8, Stewart Studiotek 130 screen.






Bowers & Wilkins


b&w 700 series speakers700 Series loudspeakers, the new replacement for the long-running CM Series. The new line-up will function as a step-down from its previously revised 800 Diamond line and borrows from that family’s innovations while adding a few of its own to deliver an exemplary audiophile experience at more affordable cost.

Fans of the updated 800 Series and the old CM S2 lineup will see some familiar features, including use of B&W’s new gray-woven Continuum material in midrange drivers along with a new, stiffer aluminum basket, and a modified version of the new Aerofoil woofer that uses a convex profile to stiffen the diaphram. A new carbon-based tweeter is said to come closer in performance to the diamond tweeters used in the 800 line, and the top-mounted tweeter housings used in the premium 700 Series models take a cue from the 800 Series by being milled from a single piece of billet aluminum.

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