Designing The Perfect Outdoor Entertainment Space

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Designing The Perfect Outdoor Entertainment Space

Bringing the best experience to your backyard calls for transforming it into the perfect outdoor entertainment space. But it’s important to have a few creative ideas if you want to create an oasis of entertainment outside. Check out these tips for creating the perfect outdoor entertainment space:

1. Plan Out the Aesthetics

Designing the outdoor entertainment space of your dreams calls for planning out how your space will look. Think about the different activities and events you may host in your outdoor space and peruse through magazines or Pinterest to get some inspiration that speaks to your personal style. Think of unique ways to incorporate nature into your outdoor entertaining area, such as creating a vertical garden that with plants you can eat right from your pergola. Make a quick sketch to map out your ideas.

2. Design a Comfortable Outdoor Living Space

Make your outdoor oasis relaxing by adding comfortable features, such as a couch or plush seating. For instance, you can make your outdoor movie night with family and friends even more comfortable with an outdoor TV, such as Seura TV‘s Ultra Bright Outdoor TV. An outdoor TV is sure to impress your guests and provides the convenience of easy viewing from various angles. Include a center coffee table or a rolling beverage cart to hold refreshments and snacks within an arm’s reach.

3. Build an Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

Enhance your outdoor entertainment space by adding a kitchen and bar. Build a small tiki bar for impromptu luaus. You can also make your outdoor space functional and fun with an open-air outdoor kitchen that’s full-equipped with a barbecue grill and storage space.

4. Use a Sound System

Consider using outdoor speakers from reputable brands, such as Sonance, to help set the mood in your outdoor entertainment space. With the outdoor sound system, you can play music to create a relaxing ambiance or transform your event into a karaoke session. Keep your speakers hidden with the help of plants. Just remember to place sound systems and accessories under the outside roofing area to prevent water damage.

5. Create Ambiance With Lighting

Place lighting overhead to create the perfect ambiance. You can use twinkle lights or large globe bulbs with warm lighting to achieve a relaxing mood. Consider also arranging mini spotlights along your pathways to help direct your guests. Buy the lighting with a dimmer so that it’s not too bright during certain times of the night.

6. Create Automated Scenes

With automated scenes, you can take your outdoor space to the next level and create an unforgettable experience. For instance, you can use Savant Systems‘ Savant Pro to automate the scene and fade your pool lights and stream a relaxing playlist to your patio automatically. This helps set the mood for your cocktail hour or evening gathering.

7. Hire the Right Contractors

If putting together a sound system or creating the ideal ambiance with lighting sounds like plenty to do, consider hiring a reputable contractor, such as Modern Home Systems. Contractors help you save time and have the expertise to achieve the look you want for your outdoor entertainment space. You can also avoid potentially damaging your property.

Final Thoughts

From planning out the aesthetics to creating automated scenes, there’s a ton you can do to create the ideal outdoor entertainment space. Just follow these tips to create the outdoor space of your dreams. Don’t know where to begin? Contact Modern Home Systems today for a complimentary consultation

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