Father’s Day Technology Gift Guide

Father’s Day Technology Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and what dad doesn’t love a new gadget to play with? But sometimes the tech market seems so flooded with new toys we don’t even know where to start. And for some, we might feel we need a Master’s Degree in technology just to understand what some of the products are. But don’t fret: here is a simple, handy guide to help you figure what dad might like best!


  1. Roku 2 and 3 (2015)


The new Roku 2 might just be the best streamer on the market right now. While the older Roku 2 is a bit slow, the 2015 version is lightning fast. And Roku’s more than 2,000 apps are sure to keep Dad busy. And for just $30 more, you can splurge for the Roku 3 which includes voice search on the point-anywhere remote. It also comes with a headphone jack for when you don’t want him blasting the football game throughout the whole house. If he is at all dissatisfied with his current streamer, Roku is the way to go!


  1. Apple TV


If your dad is an Apple-lover, however, then this is the streaming way to go. It works seamlessly with all his Apple products so he can crank his iTunes or watch his TV and movie purchases or play with the plethora of apps all with no hassle at all.


  1. Amazon Fire


The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a great gift for the dad who travels a lot. It’s small, portable, and connects to any hotel Wi-Fi system, so he will no longer be trapped by a hotel’s limited channel options. The Amazon Fire TV is nearly as portable and even more versatile as it comes wired with Ethernet connection. It delivers everything the stick does but also comes with voice search and can connect to Bluetooth headphones. Either option, however, will require Dad to have a Prime membership.


  1. Logitech Harmony Home Control


If your dad is still watching TV in the dark ages with four different remotes, then it is time to get him up to speed. The Harmony Home Control is the best universal remote on the market. Put all of your brands and devices onto one controller, or even his phone or tablet for when the remote is lost in the couch cushions.


  1. Vizio M series


The M series is one of the least expensive 4K TV’s available and still offers exceptional picture quality. If your dad is ready for a TV upgrade, this might get you the most bang for your buck!


  1. Samsung JS8500


Another excellent TV option, the JS8500 combines SUHD technology extras like the nanocrystal color and local dimming with a flat form factor. If you’re looking for something slightly cheaper with still excellent Samsung quality, then we suggest the HU8550 or JU7100.


  1. LG 55EC9300


There might not be a better TV out there. The 55 inch screen is OLED, thin, and has a classy and futuristic look. If you really want to show dad how much you love him, this will do the trick.


  1. Sony VPL-VW350ES


But if you really want to hit a home run this Father’s Day, and can afford it, here you go. This is 100-plus inches of pure 4K bliss. And for the quality he receives in this true 4K projector, it’s actually a good bargain. And something he won’t ever forget!


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