Benefits of Home Automation Maintenance

Benefits of Home Automation Maintenance

As a homeowner, you know that your home needs proper maintenance. Gutters must be cleaned out, AC filters must be changed, furnaces inspected. One thing you might not think to add to your “honey-do” list is your home automation maintenance! Just like how your smartphone needs a software update from time to time, so does your home’s operating system. Through proper home automation maintenance and care, your automated smart home should always run smoothly and glitch-free!


Since your smart home automation relies on a network of automated smart devices, it’s essential to make sure these devices function correctly and without error. Here are some tips to ensure your devices stay in tip-top shape!


Devices are All Updated in Terms of Software

The first step is to make sure your smart home’s connected devices are all up to date in terms of software. Smart home device manufacturers will periodically send out updates. Recently Savant has updated to version Pro 9, is your Savant System up-to-date? You may also want to check that your hardware is up to date. If it is not, then it may be time to replace your outdated equipment to ensure its compatibility with newer software. Contact Modern Home Systems today if you’re in need of an update! Unsure? Schedule a maintenance by clicking here


Routinely Check and Calibrate

As you move through your day-to-day, your smart devices are monitoring your preferences. Your Savant Multistat, uses intelligent automation to help you regulate your house’s climate control. Though this is an automated function, it is still important to routinely check and calibrate your devices to ensure they function properly. 


Connective Network Abilities

Your smart home relies on your network. Without a stable network, your devices would lose their connective abilities. For this exact reason, it is vital to keep your network router updated and well maintained. Running periodical diagnostics can be a big help in seamless smart home automation support. In addition, the more devices connected to your home network could cause slow load speed. If you are experiencing these issues it may be time to upgrade to a commercial grade network system.


Devices should be Upgraded

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, your smart home automation devices should be updated. Take, for example, your security devices. Security is nothing to skimp out on, so pay extra close attention when inspecting and checking these devices. The same way you wouldn’t expect an iPhone 4 to work at the same caliber as the iPhone 11, you don’t want to go too long without upgrading your devices to the latest models.

Through proper inspections, updates, and care, you can ensure your home automation system stays efficient and convenient. Schedule your smart home maintenance check-up today and avoid any hiccups through the year. Avoid an “oh no” moment and last minute technician call by getting ahead of the game!

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