Home Theater Trends: Upping Your Game for the Big Game or a Hunger Game

Home Theater Trends: Upping Your Game for the Big Game or a Hunger Game

Home Theater Trends

With bigger films coming out, everyone wants the bigger home movie experience. We want to recreate the experience of that great film in 3D, High Definition, and surround sound, and now the latest in home theater trends has reflected that desire. But we also want the impressive qualities of the grand theater-going experience in the atmosphere as well as the projection and sound, and that’s where we’re headed with the latest trends in home theater design.


Sofa, Dedicated Seating, High Bar Combination


This three-part design feature reflects the best of the private luxury box with all the comforts of home. Our designers have seen an increase in the option for a first row sofa, dedicated seating for the second row, and a high bar with stools in the back. This layout makes your options more versatile, combining the relaxation of a living room with a multi-purpose area in the back for socializing or fitting all your new friends during your next game viewing.


LED Lighting


LED lighting is possibly the most requested feature in any home theater build, popular because of its versatility, variety of color, and energy conservation. Many options include cove lighting, stylized baseboards or step lights, and even back lit columns. It is also a feature that can be included as an undermount for the high bar at the rear of your seating.


Fiber Optic Star Ceilings


To really up the wow-factor of your home theater, consider the magic of a fiber optic ceiling to recreate the stars overhead. These ceilings are made from scratch, fitting any size or shape, and include such features as shooting stars or constellations. You also have the option of incorporating coffers, ovals, and LED lighting for extra drama, to reflect the old fashioned movie houses as well as the popular outdoor venues, for your own all-weather film festival under the stars.


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