Meet Sonance’s Invisible Speaker Series

Meet Sonance’s Invisible Speaker Series

Long gone are the days where homeowners have to choose between form and function when it comes to top-quality speakers. In the past, if you wanted exceptional audio, it was best to keep speakers exposed, even if that meant clashing with the home décor. While speakers designed to be recessed into the walls and ceilings may have been available, they offered an inferior audio performance. For years, homeowners sacrificed sound quality for aesthetically pleasing speakers. The newly released Invisible Series (IS) speakers from Sonance delivers both, with absolutely no trade-offs. 


Sonance’s Invisible Speaker Series rivals the audio quality of some of the best visible speakers on the market, including Sonance’s own Visual Performance speaker series. The Sonance Invisible Series delivers unbelievable sound quality while being installed into the wall or ceiling. Your home will be filled with breathtaking audio that seems to come from all around you while also coming from nowhere. The speaker installation is finished with the same materials as the adjoining wall or ceiling surface. The speakers can blend into regular drywall finish, paint, wallpaper, wood veneer, or even Venetian plaster. These speakers don’t just blend into your home; they become a part of it. 


The Sonance Invisible Series went through rigorous testing to ensure you receive the best possible audio. Sonance tested the audio performance of its original Invisible Series, other competitors, and even its own visible architectural line. Sonance then made adjustments and modifications – with each refinement, the speaker grew better and better. The final result is an entirely new invisible speaker line with six models, all incorporating innovative technologies, materials, and compositions to bridge the gap between design and performance finally. 


Enjoy the best of both worlds when you outfit your entire home audio with the Sonance Invisible Series! No compromises, no sacrifices—superior audio quality from speakers that disappear. Stop by our showroom, and hear the quality of Sonance for yourself! Contact us to book an appointment. 


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