More Than Wires: The Backbone For Your Smart Home

More Than Wires: The Backbone For Your Smart Home

We’ve talked before about the importance of a quality network and while wireless connectivity is faster than ever your home still needs a solid network of wiring for higher bandwidth, better internet security, and several other benefits. The idea of cabling can seem outdated and unnecessary. In reality, this could not be further from the truth. Wiring is and will remain a vital component of any smart home. Let’s break down why cabling is so important. 


A Robust “Nervous System” For A Modern Home 

Think of your home’s wiring infrastructure as the ‘digital backbone’ that supports all of the various technologies in the home. High-speed, low-voltage cabling delivers data, audio/video signals, security, and control commands to a wide variety of devices throughout your home with reliability, accuracy, and speed. The wiring that makes this all possible and connects these technology systems serves as a virtual nervous system. A high-performing Wi-Fi is relatively capable of shuttling all sorts of signals throughout the home, but there are several all too common limitations. You may experience slow downloading and uploading of video files, shaky internet connections, and buffering when streaming – just to name a few. 


Bogged Down Wi-Fi 

Wireless networks were developed for devices we nowadays walk around with like laptops, smartphones, and tablets. As the number of devices in your home increases the bandwidth of your wireless network can become congested. When the network is congested, signal delivery may slow or even come to a complete stop. In short, Wi-Fi is not equipped to handle the volume of devices in your home.


A Better Highway

A home that has been properly prewired with ample wire and fiberoptic cabling provides a fast, reliable, multi-lane highway in which signals can travel easily, free from connectivity issues, traffic bottlenecks, and slow delivery. Each and every signal will get to where it needs to be without any disruption. With proper cabling, high-resolution 4k videos can download to TVs and computers quickly and without picture degradation, multiple people can stream content at the same time without issues, and high-resolution music plays without latency to speakers located throughout the home. 


Another added benefit is that proper wiring ensures a more secure network, less susceptible to cyber hacking, and viruses. With hackers getting more and more sophisticated and growing concerns about connected devices “listening” to conversations, security is a top priority. Cabling cuts this risk and ensures that services delivered to the home on cabling stay on the cabling, which dramatically reduces signal interference or security threats that can plague wireless networks. 


One of the biggest benefits of installing wiring throughout the home is the burden it takes off of your Wi-Fi network. As more devices connect to a wired network, your Wi-Fi connection is more available for the devices that depend on a wireless connection. Devices like smart thermostats and light switched that may need occasional access to a network can now use the Wi-Fi to its full capacity. Meanwhile, devices like surveillance cameras and TV/movie video streaming are better served with a wired connection as they would clutter a wireless connection. 


Planning For The Future 

While cabling is imperative for managing the technologies of today, it is important to look to the future. The strain on wireless networks will only get worse, as new devices are released. A forecast from InternationaData Corporation (IDC) estimates that there will be 41.6 billion connected devices by 2025! The volume of new innovative products will be staggering, but the growing sophistication of technology will make a well-engineered wiring infrastructure more vital than ever.

It isn’t enough to keep pace, but rather your network should support your devices to reach their fullest potential. Wiring ensures that an 8k video signal not only reaches a display but that the video retains its full resolution and depth of color and contrast. After all, why invest in a high-performance 8K TV or high-resolution music system if the video and audio coming through is compressed and not as the artist intended? Future-ready wiring delivers on the promise of home technology for decades to come. At Modern Home Systems, we pride ourselves on building home wiring solutions that last. 

Wiring provides a better networking backbone for bandwidth-intensive devices and applications. Though what kind of wiring is best? Contact us today for a complimentary consultation. Our team will be able to determine the best course of action based on your bandwidth, usage and habits of the household, and preparing for the future. We’re here to help you get the most out of your devices!


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