Set the soundtrack to your outdoor space

Set the soundtrack to your outdoor space

Music is a necessity of life. Whether you’re relaxing alone, need background noise during daily tasks, or entertaining guests. Take your music outdoors with Sonance. Enjoy balanced audio paired with your home automation system, allowing you to enjoy the latest news report, podcast, or favorite playlist all from the beauty of your outdoor space. When it comes to outdoor audio, acoustics matter, and with Sonance, you’ll experience unparalleled quality without compromising the design cues of your outdoor decor. 


A Scalable Solution 

One of the benefits of a Sonance outdoor speaker system is that it can cover your entire backyard. No matter how large or small your outdoor living space maybe! Sonance speakers of various sizes will be placed throughout the yard, and below-ground subwoofers, which will go entirely unnoticed, ensuring the design of your backyard is front and center. You’ll hear a powerful sound from your Sonance system without ever seeing a piece of equipment. 


Contained Sound 

Enjoy vibrant and crystal-clear performance every time you listen. With strategically placed speakers and subwoofers, you’ll experience balanced audio in every square inch of your backyard. A Sonance speaker system keeps the music contained within your yard, avoiding your music drifting over your fence and bothering your neighbors.  


Design Your Space 

Sonance offers top-notch speakers that come in various sized models to fit your needs. Your speakers will fit your lifestyle while giving you the sound you crave. Sonance speakers can accommodate your summer soiree or an ambient night on the patio. As an added benefit, you can rest assured your speakers can withstand any weather or temperature. 


Experience Sound Like Never Before 

Whether you’re a huge music fan or not, you’ll hear the difference with your Sonance speakers. Sonance has a smooth bass performance that will bring your music to life and allow you to listen to every detail. Sonance takes entertainment to a whole new level! 


Savant Integration 


Sonance speakers integrate with your Savant System for full control over your home’s audio and outdoor living space. Set scenes with different lighting moods, playlists, and firepit control or simply adjust the volume. No matter how you choose to integrate, rest assure you can still use a single app for full control. 


When it comes to your outdoor audio, Modern Home Systems is the expert at ensuring superior audio performance throughout your space. Most importantly, we are skilled at helping you decide what products work best for you. We specialize in helping pin-point high-quality audio solutions that are right for your lifestyle. 

Want to learn how Modern Home Systems can help you build the perfect outdoor entertainment space? Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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