Smart Home Technology Meets Design

Smart Home Technology Meets Design

Smart home technology is where form and function intersect in new and innovative ways.  As a homeowner, you should be able to enjoy these benefits without sacrificing your home’s interior design aesthetic. At Modern Home Systems, where technology meets design, we are dedicated to seamlessly blending smart home technology into your home’s design. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite products that Interior Designers love to work with that will give you the function you crave without disrupting your space. 



Create a single app home with Savant Systems. The leader in Apple-based home control, Savant Systems, leverages the familiarity and intuitive nature of the Apple family. You’re able to control your home from your Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, or any other iOS interface. The already sleek look of Apple devices effortlessly blend into your home. Savant Systems offers the unparalleled convenience of controlling your lighting, climate, entertainment, and security. The Savant Pro app’s latest update features Daylight Mode, which unlocks the potential for personalized natural lighting control that’s miles ahead of the curve. Savant’s Daylight Mode uses advanced logic to adjust the intensity and color temperature to support a healthy sleep and wake cycle. Studies have shown that there is a linear relationship between the disruption of our circadian rhythm, and light causing changes in our metabolism and stress levels. Savant’s Daylight Mode creates circadian lighting tailored to you to promote your well-being, reinforce health, and nourish the imagination. 


savant daylight mode


Voice Control Paired With Lutron is a voice-controlled integration to your home automation system, built to control and connect any “smart” device. The perfect look if you prefer to replace touch panels on the wall with a simple voice-activated control. Illuminating the home experience, has partnered with Lutron to give you control over your home’s lighting, shading, and climate. Lutron’s wall stations are beautifully and minimally designed to ensure they don’t pull focus from your home’s aesthetic. They can also be customized; for example, your kitchen wall station may say “sunny side up” to raise the lights, while “over easy” may mean to dim or turn off the lights. Lutron has also partnered with Palladiom to offer new chrome interfaces to their wall stations for an elegantly modern feel. Lutron’s wall stations can be controlled remotely with’s voice control or intuitive app. Homeowners can enjoy the convenience of saying phrases like, “Raise all of the lights in the home.”, “Close the shades 30% in the living room.”, or “Set the living room temperature to 70 degrees.” to activate their entire environment or fine-tune a single room.


Josh AI and lutron


Home Audio 

Acoustics matter as much to your home as the video, TV, movie, album, or record you’re listening to does. Step up your home audio, without the disruption of unsightly wires or boxy speakers. Sonance takes entertainment to a whole new level with a range of products specifically designed to bring out the best in movies, gaming, concerts, and multimedia content. Sonance’s audio systems are built into the walls or ceilings of any home. Perfect for the homeowner who wants cinema-quality sound without compromising the design cues of the space. For the homeowner with a vast record collection, McIntosh Turntables offer the highest quality in hi-fi two-channel audio. McIntosh Turntables combine classic design with modern elements, creating a unique and conversation-starting piece to add to your home. These turntables aren’t just eye-catching and beautiful; they offer such high-quality audio you’ll notice all the subtle nuances your vinyl record collection has to offer. For the homeowner who wants traditional speakers that provide both functionality and act as a statement piece, Bowers & Wilkins speakers are the perfect fit. Bowers & Wilkins speakers are designed to reproduce sound as accurately as possible, making them best in class. Their Nautilus series was engineered and designed with sound in mind. This design of this futuristic speaker isn’t just for looks. Every bit of the speaker was crafted and tested to give you the best audio possible. 

Another option for the speaker lover is Sonus Faber. Their speakers have been crafted for decades by Italian expertise bringing you a concert-like experience from your living room. Sonus Faber speakers have a cutting edge design that pays homage to the classic speaker while being undeniably modern and elegant.


Every day our lives get more and more integrated with technology, but remember that doesn’t mean your home’s design has to suffer for you to experience all the benefits of a fully integrated home. Ditch the single touch panels, bulky speakers, and runaway cords for technology that keeps your home looking just like you like it. Start your home project today, and contact us to learn about the possibilities for your home! 

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