The Biggest Home Technology Trends of 2021

The Biggest Home Technology Trends of 2021

As we enter the last few months of 2021, we took a look back at some of the biggest trends to take place this year. We all spent more time inside our homes over the last, which translated into a focus on products that made our lives easier and more enjoyable. Turn your home into a modern oasis with trends in these 5 key areas. 



Integrated home technology can help to simplify your life in ways you haven’t thought of. Control several elements of your home from lighting, heating, security, entertainments systems, pool, and gardening systems, all from a single touch of a button. Modern Home Systems is a proud retailer of Savant, which allows you to control your entire home from your iPad or iPhone. If you prefer voice control, is an excellent option with proprietary Natural Language Processing technology; you’ll enjoy speaking to your home naturally like you would a family member or friend.



Your home office can be as reliable as your corporate one. Laptops, smartphones, and tablets have helped to increase productivity while allowing flexibility in our schedules. We can access emails from our kids’ soccer game, work on a presentation at the airport, reply to a slack message while away from the office, or even finish our to-do list after the kids have gone to bed. With the help of an integrator like Modern Home Systems, you can take your productivity to the next level. For example, our technicians can set up an integrated home system with an expert-grade home network and video conferencing camera set up. You can also enjoy controlling your amenities like temperature, security systems, and lighting with one click with home automation. 



No longer are the days when a TV has to be the most dominant feature in a room. Modern Home Systems can marry form and function to ensure your design aesthetic stays intact while providing you with the technology to make your life easier. Televisions can be hidden into structures and only become visible when in use. Similarly, the Sonance Invisible Speaker series offers unparalleled audio that blends seamlessly into the walls of your home. 



Take gatherings or your free time to the next level with entertainment or home theaters with superb sound and video quality. Through our various top-quality home theater products, you can design the room to fit your needs. Whether you want to stay on top of all the latest sports games or host an Emmy’s viewing party, we can help you build the home theater of your dreams. Maybe you want to bring entertainment outside; with Suera‘s light detecting and weatherized Tvs outdoor entertainment has never been more effortless. Sonance offers balanced outdoor audio that can blend into the landscape.



Gaming isn’t just for kids! Maybe you aren’t an active video gamer who needs the latest in surround sound and 4k television, but you do enjoy a round of golf. Foresight golf simulators allow you to practice your backswing from the comfort of your home. Their golf simulators are powered by core GC launch monitor technology, which means, unlike other professional-grade golf simulators, you aren’t limited by exact room dimensions and high costs. Additionally, with their Performance Simulation™, you’re not only enjoying the best golf simulation experience possible, but you’re also improving your game with the world’s most trusted launch monitor while enjoying several courses across the globe with their inventory of golf locations. 



Whether for yourself or an aging parent, innovative home technology offers the ability for anyone to control their home easily with whole-home automation controlling everyday items through voice control or easy-to-use devices no matter their mobility or cognitive abilities. Smart home technology can help you see who is at the door without getting up, change the thermostat or lighting from your phone, or even lock/unlock the door with a voice command. 


Enhance your day-to-day through home automation and enjoy the ease of smart home technology. Contact Modern Home Systems today to learn more about which system works best for your lifestyle.


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