5 steps to building your outdoor oasis

5 steps to building your outdoor oasis

A study from the American Institute of Architects found that as homeowners look to make improvements, more and more are turning to upgrade their outdoor living spaces. Adding technology to your outdoor area is crucial to ensure you get the most out of your space. Hiring an HTA Certified home technology professional, like Modern Home Systems, can help you to expertly fit your outdoor spaces with technology that will add value to your life and home in the long run. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you redesign your outdoor space.


1. Consult a Home Technology Professional Early On 

Outdoor entertainment systems come with different and unique sets of requirements than indoor entertainment. Coordination is often needed with other parts of the outdoor renovation process, like working with a general contractor or landscaper. It is essential to include your home technology professional early in the process to ensure running specialized outdoor wiring is accounted for. In turn, you’ll also save money and avoid project delays. 


2. Extend Your Network  

Your home network is a crucial part of your outdoor renovation. By investing in a robust network that can extend outside your home, you’ll avoid hiccups like your favorite movie or the big game freezing up. This is a great time to evaluate your home network, which is the backbone of all of your home technology. While Wi-Fi has come a long way, a cabling system provides the most reliable network. Modern Home Systems is an expert at creating a reliable network while hiding wiring. 


3. Perfectly Balanced Audio 

Outdoor audio can be tricky, as sound can be dwarfed by a large yard. The secret to well-balanced outdoor audio is placing multiple speakers strategically throughout the entire space. This solution provides even sound coverage that envelops your area. There are several options to choose from when it comes to outdoor speakers, but no other rival Sonance. Sonance has several speakers to choose from, including speakers that blend in and hide perfectly among your landscape. For extra bass, your home technology integrator can bury subwoofers. Your backyard should be divided into audio zones to ensure you are getting the best sound quality possible. A skilled home technology professional will be able to consult on your space no matter how large or small and know precisely where to place your speakers while keeping the beauty of your carefully crafted outdoor aesthetic. 


4. The Big Screen

Outdoor TVs are different from indoor TVs as they are designed to be weatherized and perform better in harsh sunlight. These kinds of TVs are incredibly bright, can withstand humidity, extreme heat, and even bugs. For a larger-than-life experience, homeowners are choosing LED video walls. LED video walls offer a bright, customizable, and weather video experience. If you’re looking for a more cinematic experience, Modern Home Systems can install a projector and movie screen solution for outdoor viewing. Whether you’re looking for something stationary or something that pops out of the ground, we can bring your vision to life.


5. Set The Mood 

Lighting is always necessary for any outdoor space, but your lighting should be well thought out and intentional. Lighting should do more than simply light pathways or illuminate a deck. Properly designed lighting can add ambiance, highlight architectural and landscape features, and create an ideal entertaining experience. Our team will design lighting that fits your lifestyle, whether that means automated lights that turn on at a particular time or preset lighting scenes – the control is yours. 

Whatever your outdoor space requires, Modern Home Systems is more than qualified to bring your vision to life. Make your backyard dreams a reality by scheduling your consultation today.

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