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When Smart Home Tech Goes Mainstream

Perhaps it’s the effect of Tesla’s Model 3 launch and SpaceX’s simultaneous Falcon 9 landing, but the high tech wave of the future has been brought into the present. Pair that with the fact that our smart phones have a more powerful computer than the...

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Home Theaters Explained

  Going to the movie theater used to be the go-to social event, for family night or date night, the only place to find subtitled art house gems or B-movie chillers [LINK: ]. Somewhere along the way, cable expanded, theaters dwindled or became more expensive,...

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SONOS Listening Event

Join us for an evening with your favorite music, wine and appetizers. We will be demoing the all new SONOS Sound Systems for your listening pleasure and you’ll be given a chance to win one for your own home! April 21st, 2016 6pm-8pm 16081 San Dieguito Rd “G2” Rancho...

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4 Quick Tips for iMessage

This week's tech tip is brought to you by Lano. He will demonstrate a few tips to get your iMessage setup, and to utilize all of its features whether you are sending from your iPhone or your iMac for more tips subscribe to our Youtube channel we...

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